I was born in 1974 in Gatineau QC, Canada. To blue collar parents. My dad was an electrician and my mom was a government worker. My dad left us at a very young age to go and work in Africa for Canadian interest over there.
I had a fairly average childhood. School and friends. I didn’t really get to play in team Sports as my mom just couldn’t manage it with raising my brother and I on her own.
I did do Martial Arts, join the Boy scouts and the Air force Cadets. I had an obsession with GI Joes at the time and wanted so much to do more.

The one day my life as a kid changed forever . The day my dad decided that we should move to Africa and live with him as a family. That experience opened my eyes to the outside world. The differences in culture, other ways of getting things done and of course a first-hand account on the suffering that goes on in other countries.

I knew then and there that I had to do something about it. I was the fortunate one, being born in Canada and living in freedom. Never wanting for anything. I knew something could be done. But how? Or what could I do? I was just a small kid from QC.

At 16, I left school, walked across the street to the mall and got a full-time job right there and then. I was filling out orders in the warehouse at Consumers Distributors. I was also working construction and as a busboy at a hotel. I had 3 jobs working 7 days a week. But something was calling me to do better.

In 1999 I was managing a sports bar . I was chatting with one of our regular who was a recruiter for the Armed Forces. She asked if I ever thought of serving. Of course, I answered I really wanted to, but I had tried twice before with no luck. She invited me to come to the recruiting center to see what she could do for me. So, I went and did all the physical and written tests. That’s when everything began to change. I was going in the army as a weapons Technician.

My military training taught me about creating cohesive teams, learning to trust systems and resilience on self and others during difficult situations. The tours in Afghanistan showed me the best and the worst of conflict. I had many situations during my service. If you want to hear those stories, grab my free book HERE (Get Bruno’s Book Here).

Returning home was welcomed and great. I was excited to see my son and my wife at the time. Ready to get settled back into “normal” life. And keep going to the next thing. Training, deployment or whatever the military had in store for me. What I didn’t know was that life had another plan for me. Something I had never experienced before. Something that showed up unexpected.

One day I woke up and I wasn’t the same person as I was when I left. I wasn’t that guy anymore. I was in pain, couldn’t sleep, was angry and hurting so much. The pain I was feeling was something else. It was pain that stopped me from doing anything other than wanting to end it all. I can remember very clearly that when the morning would come after another night of terror that I wanted to have a gun in my side table so I could end it all. I didn’t want to be here anymore. I just wanted to stop the pain. To stop hurting others. This was the devil’s door, Suicide.

When the mind thinks it’s in a place of danger, it works overtime carving out more of these pathways to assist in your survival. Adrenaline is released. Your senses and reflexes are enhanced. It’s more than situational awareness; it’s an intense heightened alertness, even when you don’t actually need it.
Now, this elevated awareness, anxiety, and sensitivity is critical when you’re in a war zone. But when you’re back home filling up your truck before church, it does nothing but send your mind back to a time and place you don’t need to be reminded of.

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Bruno Guévremont is a Veteran, Entrepreneur, North Pole Explorer, and Invictus Games Ambassador – among many other things.  He’s led a team of soldiers, was captain of Team Canada at

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